Saturday, November 22, 2014

Free to Live

So I woke up this morning, free. What that means is subject to your interpretation. It was a feeling of fresh air, new beginnings, new focus, new breath and a new spirit. This is about to be the most random blog I've ever written, lol, but get used to it. You see, there are times when men/women are faced with decisions that overwhelm their spirit, challenges that control their ‘beings,’ and feelings that monitor their progress. But it is all temporary. I’ve come to understand that all my past failures and frustrations were actually laying down the foundation to my current level of wellness. Sometimes you've got to be your own hero, and save yourself. So I tell you one thing, use all of the past frustrations and anger that you have experienced to fuel your mind as you head into your future. You’ll be surprised about how many people out there whom you barely know genuinely want the best for you, while people you know very well are just waiting for you to fail. In the end, what matters is your focus on you, worry less about what other people think. 

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