Saturday, May 19, 2012


In my previous article, I mentioned some views and psychological factors that affect the way men and women think. Say for example, a guy meets a girl, woos her, uses her and dumps her; he succeeds in his game of enchantment and tells his buddies of his recent accomplishment. The lady, on the other hand, thinks about the situation differently.

As the guy begins to do things to impress the girl, she begins to evaluate. In the process of evaluation, she discovers his strengths, weaknesses, capabilities, failures, and success, what works for him and what does not. She connects to his emotional side and brings out his emotional flaws without his realization. This tells why most women say that men are such ‘babies.’

When the guy eventually sleeps with the girl, he celebrates his pseudo-victory and tells his buddies. However, the girl sees it differently. First, the girl is filled with grief and hurt, thinking of how she had began to trust to trust the guy only to end up with a broken heart.  The lady says, “You think you have won, but you haven’t. All the while you were talking to me, I was evaluating you and looking for ways to truly understand you. You rejoice amongst your friends in sleeping with me, but you forget that I allowed you to sleep with me.’ The girl continues, “Remember you begged and I ALLOWED you to sleep with me in the first place (except for rape cases).”  As a result, the lady makes some strategic moves not to show the guy that she is a winner, but to send a message that she has more understanding  and manipulative control of the human than he does. Below are series of events that would be expected to take place:

1.  1.   She tells her confidant/best friend about the situation. She says, ‘Can you believe it? The guy I was talking to finally slept with me and left me. He thought he could get away with it. I thought he was a man, but he has only proven that he is a boy. This shows that he cannot handle a woman like me.’

    2. With this belief, the woman concludes that the guy is incapable of handling bigger and other serious issues of life. The girl tells her friend, who tells another friend et al. It’s just a matter of time that a community of female friends would discover the guy’s reputation and code him as a player.

So when the same guy approaches other girls in the circle, they listen to the ‘sweet talk’ but eventually tell other friends. They say, ‘can you believe it, that BOY tried to talk to me after all he did to my friend.’ This is why we see many cases of highly reputable men who become infamous for sexual atrocities. We have seen cases of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski, Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant and the mistress, Herman Cain and his pizza accusers and several others. The women involved in these cases do not care about winning or losing, In fact the monetary reward they get is secondary to their understanding. Their ultimatum is to prove to the men involved that they have the ability to understand men and manipulate their presumed thoughts.