Friday, December 14, 2012

To the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary

We were awoken this morning by our parents at 6am. To us, it was just another day, perhaps the last day of the week before going christmas shopping with mom and dad this weekend. "Sweetie, it's time to get ready for school." screamed my mom. After having breakfast this morning, little did we know how the day would end. We kissed our parents goodbye and entered the school bus.

At 9:05am, our first period began. It's funny because all through, I was thinking of what Santa had planned to get me this christmas. Then tragedy struck; at 9:40am, a young man who could have been the size of my uncle walked into my class. Our first period teacher never informed us of the possibility of having a visitor this morning, so we calmed down. Suddenly, this 'calmed faced man' brought out a riffle and began shooting at us. So we started screaming for help. I wished it to be just a nightmare, but it was real, this man was determined. He continued shooting, until I saw my best friend bleeding profusely. A minute later, my crush, whom I cared for and dreamed of marrying one day was suddenly lifeless, lying in a pool of blood.

The school officials must have heard the gunshots. Suddenly, Mrs Hochsprung walked in with our vice pricipal and school's psychologist in an attempt to save my fellow classmates. But this man meant business; he turned to them and opened fire. All three fell to the ground immediately, but somehow, the vice principal was able to crawl outside the class after suffering gunshot wounds on his leg.

With a blink of an eye, I saw this man point the riffle at the rest of us standing at the back of the room. This was the point we knew it was over. We felt pain, helpless and hopeless. I thought of my family, I wondered how my parents and siblings would take this. I thought of the plans we had for christmas; how my cousins had called me last night that they were excited to come spend christmas with me in Connecticut. I wondered how my mom would take this. She would fall apart. I begged God to hold her for me, confort and make her strong for me, I prayed the same for my friends. Then we started crying and screaming, the tears gave us headaches. Multiple bullets landed on our chests, heads, legs, back, hands and eyes. At that point, I became numb. I tried to reach out for my friends, but I was too weak to move. All I saw around me was blood. As we tried to help each other, I wondered who would give up first. But suddenly the pain stopped. Then I couldn't hear any other thing, but silence. I thanked God. The pain was over and we were finally at peace in heaven. At that point, I knew God only chooses to take his best.

RIP to all the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School.

With love and my utmost respect,