Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Confidant...

You cast your eyes up to the sky,
you groaned, though you said not a word;
Yet GOD was not deaf to your cry,
The friend of the fatherless heard.

For since you have trusted His care,
And learned on His word to depend,
He has kept u from every snare,
And been ur best Father and Friend.

Yours Truly,

Special thanks to Tayo Adekoya

Saturday, October 1, 2011

The Mechanism Behind A Miracle

Hello!!! Readers, it’s fall time. Ikr...I spend a lot of sleepless nights thinking, thinking, planning and thinking of the way forward. Having no immediate parents around have been taking a hit on me these days, especially on days I need advice the most. So how do I survive? I read….Yes. I read…read and read with every chance I get. Before I go to work, I take a book with me to revive me. Thanks to Brains for introducing me to the podcasts.
I must admit that these books have been teaching me my life lessons. They have taught me the way to speak, act and confront situations I’m faced with. They have become my parents. This week, I saw a post by a friend on a surgical operation being done on a neonatal infant. I was amazed at the miracle of giving an innocent being a second chance at life. That’s what intrigues me about medicine. The mere fact that providing the gift of health to an individual could change the fate and story of a generation keeps drawing me back to medicine. Every day, I see patients at the ED who come in terrified at the abnormalities of life. But I was really intrigued at what one of the attending physicians told me one day. We had just seen a patient who complained of back pain (the most common case I’ve seen at the ED). Within 5 minutes, the attending had diagnosed the physician, and had given her instructions on what to do. When we walked out of the room, she said, “Sometimes, we don’t even do anything. Yet, they think we’ve solved a huge problem for them.” I was astonished. Could this be true?
Oh well…back to my point. This week, I decided to read a little more about Ben Carson. So, I ordered his books, “Gifted hands,” and “Big Picture.” In addition, I ordered the DVD to watch. I must say that I’ve been really inspired. I was most inspired by the dream he had on the night before his Chemistry exam, which revealed the exact answers he needed. A lesson was learned for me, when you walk on the path God has chosen for you, nothing will ever stop you from achieving that goal.

PS: If you read my last blog post, it says to be continued at the end, it continues in the book. You’re blessed.