Monday, August 3, 2009

The climaz

t was 5am in the morning when I woke up. I was sleeping half naked in my room. As I opened my eyes in darkness, my pupils dialated and my eyes continued to form the "yellow" eyes that confirms that an individual has lived in Nigeria before.
At 7am, I saw my neighbor, who complained of the same problem. He had almost choked to death in the middle of the night due to the same problem, lack of electricity.

We have all joked, talked and argued about it for decades. Promises were made in the past, yet unfulfilled. It is evident that Nigerians in general have failed lost hope in the government, as they campaign on the same lies with the motive of cashing your and my check in their account.

This has gone for too long. The new Nigerian generation, both at home and in diaspora, are at the climax of our frustration.

For some reason, I see a revolution coming to Africa in the next decade. I see changes coming to Nigeria. People are yearning for change. It has never been so obvious. Professors have endulged their students to do more research on alternative energy, as the ecomomy is hoping for cost efficient ways to highly technological products in Nigeria.