Monday, September 21, 2009

The result

It was difficult for me to log in, so I asked her to check it for me. Unfortunately, she had no time to waste, so she insisted on calling me back. As I waited for this career determining factor of my life, my heart beat increased as my blood vessels expanded and my pupils dilated. The time came, as my results were only a password away.
Wat! I shouted. PS proved optimistic but BS was a disappointment. My mindset met my verbal expectations. In spite of this upset, I knew I had to hope with every breath I had in order to achieve my goals. The truth is, I’m still mad at myself, but what can I do.
I’m disgusted by the things I can’t control. I’m mad at the challenges I have, unhappy with the realities of life around me, but I’m hopeful of posterity, I know things will get better. Right now, I just need a little time to strategize and clear my head.