Thursday, September 6, 2012

The Story Behind the Lazio brand

During a medical school interview, the interviewer asked me a question I’m often asked a lot, but wasn’t expecting at the time. She asked, " What's the story behind Lazio 'everything.' I smiled, paused and downloaded the story. Here goes the story:

I was an 8 year old boy living with my family in an economically and educationally underserved town called Ewekoro, Nigeria. Compared to Lagos, Ewekoro was fairly unpopular; but it had the fresh air, beautiful trees and landscape that Lagos longed to have. I must say the only economic power in Ewekoro was cement. That was its natural resource, hence, the cement factory.  

Back to my story, all the boys shared a room, and so did the females. It was during our male bonding
in Ewekoro that my brother began to call me 'lalazo.' Everywhere I went, he called me that name, although I had no idea what he meant. Before I knew it, all the boys in the house called me Lalazo. Three years later, I carried this nickname to my boarding school. By the end of my first term in boarding school, all my housemates called me 'Lalazo.' It's funny because neither of us knew what it meant. I guess it’s time to ask my brother.

I turned 15; I decided to change the name I had been called for 7 years. I needed to rebrand, hence, LazioM.A.N. By the time I became a 12th grader, teachers would comment on my report card by saying, "Good job LazioM.A.N' or 'LazioM.A.N put a great effort in class today.' My fascination for Lazio has nothing to do with the Italian soccer team; in fact, I am a strong Arsenal supporter (13 years strong). As I grew older, the Lazio brand followed my businesses and devotions.

In the summer of 2009, Lazio Tutoring was officially established as a tutoring company dedicated to providing tutorial services to students of all ages. I must say Lazio has brought me some good luck. The lead tutor at Lazio was recently mentioned by National Youth Leadership Forum on Medicine (NYLF/MED) as one of the most inspirational teachers by one of their participants :)

Earlier this year, Lazio Tutoring established Lazio Foundation, a volunteer mathematics and science tutorial service for disadvantaged K-12 students. We collaborated with other non-profit organizations
such as Rethink, Millions4One, ImageCasts and Life Transformation

Next, is Lazio barbershop. Yes, Lazio barbershop.

So the next time I’m asked why Lazio ‘everything,’ I reply. It has brought me good luck, plus I love it.

Lazio.......the world is yet to see.