Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Boston Experience 1

So today I decided to blog after a long time. Miss me yet? Loljk. (I know that’s not a word). A lot of thoughts have been on my mind since I moved to Boston. When I first drove into the state of Massachusetts from upstate, New York, I saw a clear difference between the two states. First, I noticed the trees. I got this feeling of fresh air. The trees and grasses were inviting me to a new world. It was as if I was being welcomed into a world where opportunities were bound to become successes, if and only if, I was tenacious enough to succeed.

Two days later, after complaining about the cost of living here to my group mate, I visited the MIT campus and the Harvard undergraduate campus. It was on a Sunday. That was the beginning of a new vision. While I was on tour at the MIT campus, I saw a quote that caught my attention. It was on the wall of one of the buildings. It said, “Welcome to the home of innovation.” At that moment, I thought to myself, this is what makes them one of the best institutions in the world. They have a principle of producing not just educators but innovators. They follow principles that drive the world’s next vision. I compared this principle to The Ohio State University’s principle. Sincerely, it was no match. Why? Because majority of graduates are trained to work for other companies. However, this institution is motivated to training people to creatively think.

I have come to one conclusion in my journey in life thus far. The people that will control the world are people who have clear goals for their lives and creatively think outside the box or become successful within it. If you don’t have clear goals for your life, you are bound to work for those who do.

Yours truly,