Saturday, January 29, 2011

I cried

You told me not to cry

and I said that I wouldn't

You said I needed to be strong

and I promised I would be

but the tears I can't hold back

I can not hold these tears within

You told me not to cry, but I did

The tears held behind my eyes

were drowning my insides

My heart could not float

underneath dashed hopes

My being lay breathless

as if underneath a capsized boat

My insides-consumed by emotion

they seem around and above me

like looking up at the ocean

Engulfed in misery

my future was my history

I tried to move on

but I was missing a piece of me

You were my eyes

for it was you I yearned to see

Why should I have sight

if I can not lay my eyes on you

I cried to wash the images off my mind

of your eyes closed- you lying there with no life

I would rather be plunged into the darkness of night

and at the time of your passing

be eternally blind

I cried to release the pain

of my failed attempt at conversation

as you did not reply

when I stroked your face, and called your name

I cried to fight the sorrow

that tried to overcome me

I cried to stop my soul

to stop my soul from crumbling

I cried to let go of you

because it was killing me to hold on

it will be a hear lesson to learn

but I must learn to go on

I now cherish your memory

your spirit replaces my grief

your spirit fills my emptiness

your legacy lives within me