Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Letters from medicine

So I decided to write today, considering my writing hasn’t been consistent over the past few months. My extremely busy schedule has thwarted me from even thinking about writing. Anyways, back to today’s matter, I wanted to share some of my learned values over the past 5 months with the world, maybe it might be applicable to aspiring physicians or even people in other matters of life. So here it goes: 

     1. Breathe, then break the heck out of your status quo:  I never appreciated this quote more, until I almost lost my mind during the early days of November. Luckily, I survived beyond my expectations.
2   2.  I guess Sun Tzu was right when he mentioned, “Never give an enemy no option of escape, because being pushed to the extremes will motivate the enemy to find ways to survive.”  I never knew how much strength I had until I was given no option but to fight the work in front of me.
3     3. Repetition. Yes! It’s all about repetition. My friends pursuing the same life’s work in other parts of the world have confirmed the same thing. The more you know, the less you do not know.
     4. Trust, but verify
5.   5. Where else would you find an environment with a group of people with an average GPA of 3.7? Yes, never take it for granted. I have learned to humble myself amongst these great minds I see daily, while finding ways to continually learn from their intelligence.
6.   6. To win a war, focus more on strategies, not manpower. Never underestimate the power of effective    planning, strategizing and time management.
7.   7. Enjoy the journey, so do something you love every day, or else you’ll lose your mind.
8.   8. It’s the little things that count.
9.   9. Labor omnia vincit

That’s all I have for now with respect to lessons learned. I’m very thankful for wisdom, soccer and ping pong. More than thankful for Whats-app, it has kept me in communication with those I love the most.  I think I’ll stop there for today, but I’ll conclude by stealing the words of my cousin, “Stay hungry, stay foolish.” That’s how great minds change the world. 

Merry Christmas,



  1. Noice!!! Yes ooo... You are hungrier than ever... Never loose that... "Cant stop, wont stop"

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