Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I want to go

I want to go
where the days are always clear
the horizon is bright, nothing to fear
where all day the sun will shine
there are no winters, not a cloud in the sky
The sun- a majestic yellow hub
drapped in a ground canopy of blue
where the waves break softly

I want to go,
where pounded yam is free
and Egusi is a call away
where suya is spicy
and moi moi is yummy

I want to go
where moonlight fills the night sky
As a silver sphere in a blanket of stars
giving me just enough light
to see your face and the absence of flaws
In this place there are no worries
all cares for a moment-brushed aside
and my mother's sweet voice is the only thing
that breaks the sound of the tide

I just want to go home,
Where love is genuine

Yours Truly,

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